Daicy’s Story

My name is Daicy Atieno Onyango. I was born into a loving family of 7 – 5 girls and 2 boys, being the second born in the family. My parents are peasant farmers. My father, cherished education and encouraged me to pursue my dreams. From a young age, I d …

Molly Sharone Orinda’s Story

I joined Bala Mercy for my primary education in 2004, and I was put in the program where I was supported with Tuition fees and food. BMCC catered for all my basic needs, giving me a chance to focus on my studies. Despite coming from abject poverty, I was able to dream big!

Ezra’s Story

My name is Ezra Omollo. I’m 24 years old having graduated from the University of Nairobi on September 14th 2018. Coming from a severely disillusioned family with less than a dollar a day income and 9 other kids, I was taken into the Bala Mercy Children’s Centre with the help of Bishop Domnic and was sponsored by someone in the UK.

George’s Story

Bala Mercy has been helpful & very key to my upbringing. In the late 90s early 2000 when I lost my parents, I lost hope on how the future may be for me and other siblings (3). This is the time we saw God’s hand through Bishop in early 2000 when BMCC was initiated to provide education to the needy in our community.