Ezra’s Story

Coming from a severely disillusioned family with less than a dollar a day income and nine other kids, I was taken into the Bala Mercy Children’s Centre with the help of Bishop Domnic and was sponsored by someone in the U.K.  I managed to pass into university and was awarded a teaching certificate which will feed me, my family and friends and will help me create an impact in Africa and beyond.

Ezra’s Update: I am now 29 years old, married to Lavender and we have been blessed with a baby girl, Chelsea Maura, who will be one on June 21st.  I teach English and Literature at a local school where I work with students from very underprivileged families. My inspiring story – how I was helped to surmount so many challenges to become a teacher – is such an invaluable asset in the school.

 My wife and I also run a YouTube channel where we teach English and Literature and help prepare students for their final examinations. We were motivated to do this by the biting teacher shortages in our country.  Students who discover our channel can always have us as their teachers if they have none assigned to them.  Despite the challenges we face with only low-quality equipment for recording, the feedback from our students is overwhelmingly positive.  For those who may want to check out what we do, click the link below to access our YouTube channel  https://youtube.com/@englishmadeeasywithtrezra