Welcome to Bala Children’s Centre

We are a small UK-based charity that raises money in the UK exclusively for the Bala Children’s Centre in South West Kenya,

Giving Opportunity where there is none.

Bala Children’s Centre is an orphanage, primary school, and secondary school in Homa Bay New District.  Originally started for the children of Aids victims, the centre supports around 300 children, many of whom are still orphans and all of whom come from very poor families.  By educating the children to an excellent standard and accommodating those without homes, we aim to provide opportunity where there is little or none.  Over the years many students have fulfilled their dream and ours of a university place.

For those who have nowhere to live, the Bala Children’s Centre provides a safe and supportive refuge.  Around 80 children, mainly secondary school students, live on site in dormitory buildings.

The leader of Bala Children’s Centre, Bishop Domnic and his team have developed a model of care where many of the children live with approved families and come to the Centre every day to learn at the primary and secondary school.  The Centre is a source of real, practical help and support for these children, providing pastoral care to nurture them and to make up for what their parents can no longer give.

Bala Children’s Centre is a community-focused child support centre, where most children supported stay with relatives, church members and foster parents.  Some still live in their parents’ homes where the oldest child or, in some cases, very old grandparents act as the head of the family.


Ezra’s Story

Getting to pass through the university has been a great blessing as I now hold in my hands a teaching certificate which will feed me and my family, friends and will help me create an impact in Africa and beyond.