Cotswold Fayre’s Summer Ball – July 2022

Cotswold Fayre, Paul’s business, has been supporting the Bala Children’s Centre since 2011 when he first went to Kenya with his daughter, Megan. After a 4-year gap, due to Covid Cotswold Fayre hosted its 5th Summer Ball for customers and suppliers within the speciality food sector in July 2022. 

Paul’s Most Recent Visit to the Centre in July 2022

At the end of July, I visited the Bala Children’s Centre to assess the latest situation and work out the best use of the money raised at Cotswold Fayre Summer Ball and other fund-raising throughout the previous year.  Usually visiting at least once a year it was my first trip since our Summer Ball in 2018 due to Covid and publishing a book in 2019, which postponed my trip that year.

Bala Garden Fete – September 3rd 2022

We held our annual Summer Fete on 3rd September in the beautiful gardens of Barton Farm, Siddington. Read this article to find out more and to see our gallery of the day.

Paul Hargreaves explains why his company supports Bala Children’s Centre

I first became involved in the Bala Children’s Centre as, when my company was finally making a profit, we wanted to give some of that back to people not as fortunate as ourselves.  We wanted to find somewhere that my team of 40 could relate to, an …