George’s Story

Greetings. I am George Odhiambo Ojwang – an alumnus of Bala Children’s Centre.  I thank you and our Director, Bishop Domnic Ochoo, for the far I have come.  Bala Mercy has been key to my upbringing.  In the late 90s and early 2000 when I lost my parents, I lost hope for the future for myself and my three siblings.  This was when the Centre was started and I remember we could only carry a plate, a mug and a spoon and studies were done orally.  We had good food, play and sleep!  The best meal was rice and beans.

We thank God for your sponsorship – we received free quality education, good meals, boarding facilities, clothing and, through ther church, good spiritual nourishment by the resident pastors.  To skip ahead, in 2015 I got the chance to go to university and I graduated in 2019 with a BA in Sociology, Criminology and Community Development.

BMCC made me forget I’m an orphan. You have educated and fed us and we’re glad. I pray that I will be able to give back more to those who are still at BMCC and the entire organisation.