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  1. Daicy’s Story

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    My name is Daicy Atieno Onyango. I was born into a loving family of 7 – 5 girls and 2 boys, being the second born in the family. My parents are peasant farmers. My father, cherished education and encouraged me to pursue my dreams.

    From a young age, I displayed a curious mind and a thirst for knowledge that would shape my journey through life. In my early years, I attended Bala Mercy Children Centre. Upon completion, I achieved 387 marks. I then joined St. Albert’s Girls’ High School, Ulanda where I got a B+. The time had come for me to embark on a new chapter of my academic journey – university. I secured a place at Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology, where currently am pursuing my passion for science and enrolled in Electrical and Communication Engineering.

    University life is proving to be both exhilarating and demanding for me. I embrace the opportunity to develop deeper into my chosen field and engage in rigorous research projects alongside my professors. I work on this daily and put God first in all that I do, I am sure that I will achieve my mission in life and reach my destiny. Through my passion to serve humanity, I joined the Peace and Rotaract club at the university where we did a lot of voluntary services like visiting orphanages and children’s homes and cleaning the town. I also volunteered as a teacher at Bala Mercy Children’s Centre and Family Health Option, Kenya.

  2. Molly Sharone Orinda’s Story

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    My name is Molly Sharone Orinda. I am 25 yrs old, and I am a beneficiary of the Bala Mercy Children Centre program(BMCC). I joined Bala Mercy for my primary education in 2004, and I was put in the program where I was supported with Tuition fees and food. BMCC catered for all my basic needs, giving me a chance to focus on my studies. Despite coming from abject poverty, I was able to dream big!

    In addition to the provision offered at Bala Mercy, The administration ensured that we had highly competent teachers who inspired us to love the subjects from Mathematics to social studies. Our school always ranked first, and this motivated us to keep the hard work going.

    By the time I graduated from Primary school, I had scored 373 points out of 500 in the Kenya National Certificate of Primary Education. This gave me a chance to join Asumbi Girls’ High School, which is a National School in Kenya. The spirit of hard work that was rooted in me did not die, and I continued to later finish high school with grade A of 81 points where I was the first girl in the whole of Homabay County!

    Both my primary and high school success paved my path to later, join a prestigious university in Turkey (Middle East Technical University) where I was admitted on a full scholarship in 2014. I graduated in 2018 as an Electrical and Electronics Engineer with Honours. I decided to pursue a Master’s in Sustainable Energy systems, and I am currently researching renewable energy systems and energy harvesting for health monitoring systems.

    I am very happy with the chance I was given in BMCC, which helped me build a strong foundation for success. I wish one day when I am stable, I can give back to this incredible fraternity.

    My heart goes out to everyone who has invested in this great cause, and may they be blessed tenfold!


    Molly Sharone Orinda

  3. Ezra’s Story

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    Coming from a severely disillusioned family with less than a dollar a day income and nine other kids, I was taken into the Bala Mercy Children’s Centre with the help of Bishop Domnic and was sponsored by someone in the U.K.  I managed to pass into university and was awarded a teaching certificate which will feed me, my family and friends and will help me create an impact in Africa and beyond.

    Ezra’s Update: I am now 29 years old, married to Lavender and we have been blessed with a baby girl, Chelsea Maura, who will be one on June 21st.  I teach English and Literature at a local school where I work with students from very underprivileged families. My inspiring story – how I was helped to surmount so many challenges to become a teacher – is such an invaluable asset in the school.

     My wife and I also run a YouTube channel where we teach English and Literature and help prepare students for their final examinations. We were motivated to do this by the biting teacher shortages in our country.  Students who discover our channel can always have us as their teachers if they have none assigned to them.  Despite the challenges we face with only low-quality equipment for recording, the feedback from our students is overwhelmingly positive.  For those who may want to check out what we do, click the link below to access our YouTube channel

  4. George’s Story

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    Greetings. I am George Odhiambo Ojwang – an alumnus of Bala Children’s Centre.  I thank you and our Director, Bishop Domnic Ochoo, for the far I have come.  Bala Mercy has been key to my upbringing.  In the late 90s and early 2000 when I lost my parents, I lost hope for the future for myself and my three siblings.  This was when the Centre was started and I remember we could only carry a plate, a mug and a spoon and studies were done orally.  We had good food, play and sleep!  The best meal was rice and beans.

    We thank God for your sponsorship – we received free quality education, good meals, boarding facilities, clothing and, through ther church, good spiritual nourishment by the resident pastors.  To skip ahead, in 2015 I got the chance to go to university and I graduated in 2019 with a BA in Sociology, Criminology and Community Development.

    BMCC made me forget I’m an orphan. You have educated and fed us and we’re glad. I pray that I will be able to give back more to those who are still at BMCC and the entire organisation.