There are many ways in which you can help to support the centre so that it can become self-sufficient in the coming years.
  1. Sponsor one or more children at £15 each per month.
  2. Sign up at (naming Bala Children’s Charity) – it’s a simple way to fundraise while you shop online.
  3. Buy a Friesian/Ayrshire cross cow for £850.
  4. Support a scholarship student through university for £1000 per year for books, board, etc.
  5. Spend some of your gap year at the Centre or visit the Centre as part of a team.
  6. Write to a child and send them small gifts occasionally.
  7. Get your business/company involved in supporting the Centre in some way.
  8. Organise or support a fundraising event.

You may even think of further imaginative ways to help these children, and we’d love to hear about it! Check out our contact page to get in touch.